The national political context of Peru has been uncertain in recent years. National democratic life, governance and the role of public and development institutions have been marked by:

  • different conflicts between the powers of the state and the economic downturn;
  • extreme weather phenomena; and
  • an increase in cases of corruption, at the highest level.

In this particularly difficult context, social organizations are particularly mobilized against corruption and the rising cost of living. They also call for greater application of the fundamental rights of peasant families living from family farming, agroecology, and related activities in their territory.

5 partners

60.600 beneficiaries

Expenses : 550.439 €

Country's population: 31.826.018

HDI: 94ème /196

Our actions

Since 1998, we have been working with our Peruvian partners to strengthen the capacities of peasant families – women, men and children – to exercise their rights, and to live with dignity from family farming and related activities. Actions are carried out with 57,000 people:

  • at the local level, we are working on land use planning and sustainable management of natural resources and the transition to agroecology (action research, production, processing, marketing, food) …;
  • At the departmental or national level, we carry out important work of articulation, sensitization, and advocacy for the rights of families and the organizations that represent them.

Operational partners