Think of Eclosio when writing your will!

Information for people residing in Belgium.

Legacy in duo

An interesting option for people without direct heirs


The duo bequest is a bequest made in a will in which you plan a gift in favor of a person. One or more other persons (natural or legal) named in the will must pay inheritance tax.

In practice

You write a will where:

  • you leave part of your property to one or more people,
  • you make a second legacy in favor of an organization like Eclosio that you charge to pay all death duties.

The advantage

The advantage of the dual legacy lies in the difference in inheritance tax rates applied to a private heir (up to 80%) compared to that applied to an association (7% in Wallonia).

For example

Jacques is a widower and has no heir reserved. He bequeaths € 75,000 to his friend Jules.

Without bequest in duo

At the death of Jacques, the calculation will be the following: the fees to be paid will be € 38,125 and Jules will receive € 36,875.

With legacy in duo

If Jacques bequeaths € 40,000 to Jules and € 35,000 to Eclosio. Eclosio will then pay all inheritance tax; that is 19.575 €.

In this case Eclosio will receive € 15,425 and Jules € 40,000.


The dual legacy is quite complex, we advise you to consult your notary to make sure you do not harm any of the parties.

Your notary can advise you and make the precise calculations related to your situation.

Classic legacy

You can choose the beneficiaries of your estate with the exception of the reserved portion which automatically goes to your children, your spouse …

You can make a special legacy in favor of Eclosio if you wish to give a specific amount of money or real estate property or non-real estate property. Relatively modest amounts can thus be given.

If you do not have a reserved heir, you can also make Eclosio your universal legatee. You thus leave all your property to Eclosio.

Before writing your will, do not hesitate to contact your notary who will advise you.