Respect for ethics and integrity at Eclosio

Respect for ethics and integrity are fundamental values for Eclosio. They guide our actions and are supported by our employees, volunteers and leaders.

This is why, in 2018, our NGO signed the integrity charter initiated by the Minister for Cooperation.

In 2019, Eclosio set up an ethics committee and adopted an ethical code in the form of a charter. This charter, drawn up in a participatory manner, is intended to reflect the universal values of our NGO, and is a showcase for our identity and commitment.

Employees in our various countries of action, volunteers, members of the Board of Directors, junior assistants, volunteers and trainees working for Eclosio are required to subscribe to Eclosio’s Ethical Charter.

Through these measures, we undertake to condemn any form of breach of integrity (abuse, fraud, corruption) that may occur within our organisation, among our partners or in the context of our actions.


Making a complaint

If you become aware of a violation of Eclosio’s integrity and ethical principles by an Eclosio employee, we strongly encourage you to report it to us by sending an email to This address is managed directly by the ethics committee, which is made up of four employees from the head office and the field, as well as a member of Eclosio’s board of directors. They are committed to following up your complaint quickly and confidentially, in complete independence from the NGO’s governing bodies.

Any questions concerning our ethics charter and the operation of the ethics committee can also be sent to

Here are our ethical commitments in pictures :

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Our Code of Ethics




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