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As an NGO at the University of Liège, Eclosio places training at the heart of its missions. For the design and realization of our own civic education and development interventions, we mobilize skills, whether technical, methodological, didactic, or organizational that we propose to share with other institutions: leaders, technician · public authorities, NGOs, producers’ organization, public service, university, research or extension center, decentralized community, design office …

Certain skills are truly pillars of our actions and have thus become areas of Eclosio’s expertise (Agroecology, Knowledge Management, Multi-stakeholder Articulation, Project Methodology). More generally, you will find here examples of training themes that we can organize on demand.

Techniques Agroecological practices
Management and reproduction of peasant seeds
Organizational Strengthening producer organizations
Support for value-added chains
Methodological Project design according to the GAR approach
Monitoring and evaluation of projects
Didactic Design of action research devices
Organization of training allowing the valorization of the local knowledge

We make it a point of honor to conduct our trainings so that they support and strengthen the professional skills of the participants and, therefore, their institution or organization.

Our training can be done in Belgium or in a country of the South. They last from 3-4 days (basic training, targeted) to several months (integration of technical and methodological contents, possible integration of an individual support phase).

Would your organization or your partner wish to strengthen itself in a training theme for which we have a recognized practice and expertise? What should you do? Contact us at pierre.rouschop@eclosio.ong specifying the desired training topic, the intended audience for this training (their number and function) as well as the country where the training would take place.

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