Our methods of action

Training and capacity building

We strengthen and support the partners and farmers’ organisations with whom we work, particularly in their management capacities, their legitimacy and recognition in their territory. Our capacity-building activities (knowledge, knowhow and skills) are intended to be participatory and inclusive, based on the experience and knowledge of the participants. Thus, we favour the exchange of experience between peers, experimentation in the field, or participatory action research, in which the participants
are subjects and actors of the research and experiment innovative alternatives.



Present in the majority of our intervention strategies, advocacy (political and academic) is addressed in different ways :

  • Contribution to the co-construction of knowledge through action research to
    enrich evidence-based advocacy.
  • Accompanying and supporting our partners in their advocacy process.
  • Contribution to advocacy campaigns within multi-stakeholder platforms.


Multi-stakeholder partnerships, synergies
and networking

Because of our position at the interface of civil society, local expertise and the academic
community, we build partnerships, synergies and complementarities with a wide range of actors, in particular through platforms, networks and multi-actor dialogues (in particular academic).


Knowledge management

We stimulate the flow of academic, practical, traditional and innovative knowledge
(knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills) between our various audiences and partners (through capitalisation, training, awarenessraising, debates between our different areas of action and projects, etc.). We want to work with our audiences to receive, deconstruct, mix, reconstruct and appropriate knowledge from other actors, in order to move together towards sustainable and harmonious human development.


Global Citizenship and Solidarity Education (GCSE)

Through information, awareness-raising and mobilisation activities, we aim to make
students and members of the university community aware of global issues and their
various relations of domination. To this end, we organise training sessions (on interculturality, sustainable development, etc.), conferences, events and film debates on topics related to global interdependence, sustainable food systems, human
rights, …. We support student groups wishing to implement awareness- raising or mobilisation actions.