At Eclosio, we believe that establishing dynamic partnerships with the private sector is more than ever necessary to solve the complex problems of our society.

In the interest of ethics, we favor partnerships with companies:

  • Who respect the values ​​and the social purpose of the NGO.
  • Whose business line, products and services are compatible with the social purpose and values ​​of the NGO.
  • Who act responsibly and promote the responsible manufacture and use of their products and services.
  • Who are not voluntarily opaque about the source and use of their funds.
  • Who respect the fundamental rights of the human being and the workers.

Or who concretely demonstrate efforts to fulfill the above criteria.

By supporting Eclosio, you:

  • take concrete action to improve the living conditions of thousands of vulnerable families;
  • enhance your image in Belgium and abroad by giving concrete expression to your societal commitment;
  • enjoy tax benefits (tax deductibility of donations).

All in:

  • with the guarantee of field expertise for the implementation of projects contributing to a sustainable world and strengthening human rights.
  • receiving regular information on the activities and projects implemented by Eclosio.

In practice, besides making a donation, you can:

  • organize with your employees events to let us know or raise money for Eclosio;
  • co-finance a project that is particularly important to you;
  • make your expertise available in the form of sponsorship expertise in areas relevant to Eclosio: IT, legal advice, graphics, translation …;
  • Involve your customers: donate loyalty points to Eclosio to convert them into donations or payments to Eclosio on the one hand the profits from the sale of a product, distribution of Eclosio’s donation calls, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to define together the best way to support us ( or 081 / 62.25.86).