Research on climate change adaptation challenges and strategies in the Peruvian Andes

In Peru, Eclosio participates and collaborates with the English University of Reading ( by CROPP (Climate Resilience and Food Production in Peru), a research project around the challenges and strategies adaptation to climate change in the Andes (2020-2023).

The project, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, is takes place in the northern Andes (Ancash, in particular in two intervention areas of Eclosio in the Cordillera Negra) and the south of the country (Ayacucho-Apurimac). It starts from the observation that climate change’s current and future impact on agro-pastoral systems and their water supply ecosystems remains poorly understood in the Peruvian Andes, an area particularly affected by climate variability.

This is why the project is aimed at improving the knowledge and understanding of climate change’s challenges and strategies of adaptation of past and present rural farming communities, via a multidisciplinary team combining archaeology, hydrology, ethnography, economics, ecology and climatology. Among other things, it is planned to:

  • create an agro-economic model of local food systems to assess resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change;
  • quantify and analyze water resources;
  • generate climate change scenarios to assess its impact on the water availability of agroecosystems.

A model will also be developed to help decision-makers better understand and discuss future adaptive management strategies to these changes.

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