Rehabilitation of the drinking water supply system and hygiene promotion during the reconstruction phase of 4 localities in the municipality of Coris, affected by the "Niño costero," Huarmey watershed, Ancash. - Projet clôturé

Between January and April 2017, Peru experienced a period of torrential rains, generating floods, landslides, mudslides, and stones. In the Huarmey River watershed, the priority intervention zone of Eclosio and its partner DIACONIA, the torrential flow of the river has caused enormous damage from upstream to downstream. In Coris, the torrential rains caused landslides, which carried away houses, cultivated lands, access roads, infrastructures … In this area, 4 localities were affected, San Damián (1600 m) being the most affected. A person died there, carried away by the waves.

DIACONIA and Eclosio decided to support local and public stakeholders in the reconstruction phase that followed, in particular to rehabilitate the water supply systems, based on the experience already achieved in the same province.

Our action

At the end, the project achieved the following key results:

  • Rehabilitation of 4 drinking water systems and installation of 4 water treatment systems for human consumption (chlorination system).
  • The population knows the meaning of the terms “danger, vulnerability, risk” and is able to identify them on their territory. It has a Community Risk Management Plan to reduce vulnerabilities in coordination with local authorities
  • 340 families are aware of the importance of drinking water and its treatment; monthly, they bring their family quota to carry out the tasks of operation and maintenance of the system; they improved their hygiene practices: washing hands, correct disposal of excrement, cleaning clothes, handling food …
  • The Water and Sanitation Administration Committees – JASS were formed in the localities of Ranchin, Irman and San Damián and reactivated in the locality of Huamba Alta. These JASS have implemented their action plan and make decisions in general assembly, such as setting monthly contributions (from 3 to 5 soles, from 0.8 to 1.4 euro monthly) or taking measures , including sanctions, to enforce standards that prohibit poor hygiene practices and the inadequate use of drinking water.

Duration of the project : July 2017 to August 2018.

Financial partners of the project :

Principal lessor : King Baudoin Foundation – Fondation Élisabeth and Amélie
Additional contributions : Belgian cooperation – DGD – Directorate General for Development Cooperation

Contact person:
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