Interactions with living territories (Peru) - Projet clôturé

In the Andean region, sustainable territorial management and the defense of the rights of peasant populations have become a priority in a context marked by the impact of global climate change (particularly on the water resource), the rural exodus, the prioritization by the local population. State of the agro-export and the mining activity as well as the multiplication of the territorial conflicts in relation to the latter.

Our action

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of farmers’ organizations and families in the exercise of their economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

On the one hand, local territorial management actions are implemented through training, the development and implementation of land-use plans, agro-ecological actions based on a network of producers and leading producers (promoters and promoters), natural resource management, rural entrepreneurship, etc.

On the other hand, awareness-raising, consultation, dialogue and advocacy for the rights of peasant families are carried out at the national level with Belgian NGOs, the public sector and Peruvian organizations, while strengthening the latter.

Lastly, specific gender-related actions are carried out via a specialized local partner. Based on a diagnosis of gender inequalities (currently being finalized), the technical teams will prioritize actions to be implemented within the project (direct action to reduce the inequalities prioritized) and proposals to improve public policies locally. (indirect action).

In all actions, special attention is given to knowledge management (construction, exchange, capitalization and dissemination of knowledge, research, etc.).

Duration of the project : 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2021.

Financial partners of the project : (the operational partners will already be included in the general page of the country).

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