Be volunteer

Do issues of International cooperation, human rights, and/or social justice interest you? Are environmental, transitional or climate justice issues a passion for you? Would you like to take action and mobilize for these topics? ECLOSIO offers you an enriching and diversified experience according to your interests, desires, and time available.

Why volunteer with Eclosio ?

Here is a preview of what you can experience with our teams:

  • Participate and organize awareness-raising activities (conferences, film-debate, workshops …)
  • Participate in the creation of new educational tools
  • Communicate and discuss various societal issues
  • Meet with speakers recognized in their field of expertise and actresses and actors from Senegal, Benin, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, …
  • Put your knowledge and assets at the service of international solidarity
  • Have your first professional experience within an NGO of international cooperation
  • Receive thematic and methodological training
  • Meet with students or motivated citizens who share the same values ​​as you
  • Acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences

Several possibilities are available to you:

Depending on your available time and interests, you can participate in:

  • Outreach activities: Participate in the organization of educational activities such as film debates, conferences, events, etc.
  • The Review: You have a passion for writing and ideas in your head? Get started writing articles for our quarterly magazine on Education for Global Citizenship and Solidarity
  • Communication: Help us spread our campaigns and awareness tools. You can also take part in the development of educational materials (content, computer graphics, photography, videos …)
  • Translation: Your linguistic skills are more than welcome for the translation of articles and reports into Spanish and English.
  • Logistics: In the form of punctual help during our activities.
  • Operation 11.11.11: Mobilize for North-South solidarity by participating in the massive 11.11.11 fundraising that takes place each year in November.

We are obviously listening to your suggestions. Everyone has valuable and special talents!