With a view to building critical thinking and to promote understanding of global issues and their interdependencies, many activities (in or outside of the course) are for students of the University of Liège and high schools with an agronomic section.

As part of the courses

Eclosio organizes, in collaboration with teachers, hybrid courses (a Southern partner offers the course in place of the teacher and, therefore, takes another look at a chosen theme), educational events, film debates, but also internships and TFE in our countries of intervention. Eclosio also gives four optional courses each year at the University of Liège:

  • Agriculture and Cooperation: Reflections and Alternatives
  • Project Management in Education for Global Citizenship and Solidarity
  • Practical seminar on development education

Some of these courses are also accessible to a wider audience.

In the high schools with an agronomic section (Montignies-sur-Sambre, Huy, Gembloux, La Reid, Ciney, and Ath), a film-debate on the theme of food sovereignty is organized for all the freshman students from the beginning of the year. In the second quadrimester, these same students participate in a day of sensitization workshops during which they have the opportunity to meet different actors of the food system. Classroom entertainment is also provided.

Out of school :

  • At the University of Liège

Eclosio also organizes many activities open to all on campus, such as film debates, conferences, etc. We also work in collaboration with several circles and student commissions (Ventana, Cin’Agro, the Solidarity University Group, the International Students Circle) for the organization of information and awareness activities.

  • In the Hautes Écoles

Every year, several activities are organized in the Hautes Écoles with agronomic section. As part of the JAGROS project (Young Agros and Food Sovereignty), student groups are organizing awareness-raising activities for other students and teachers.

The “Agriculture and Cooperation: Reflections and Alternatives” training is composed of five three-hour modules:

  1. International cooperation
  2. Food sovereignty and family farming
  3. Navatane Game (SOS Faim)
  4. Agroecology
  5. Speed-dating

At the Leuven High School in Hainaut, as part of the JAGROS project, a student group organized a fair trade quiz “Who wants to be a Millionaire” for the other students of the school.