Diffusion of innovative experiences of participatory management - mangroves and territories (DEMETER)

Mangrove areas are a fundamental natural resource play a major role in the economy given the resources it provides to the people. This wealth tends to decline under the combined action of natural factors, climate change and human action. The basic needs of the population (food, income, pharmacopoeia, culture ..) are impacted by the decline of the mangrove.


  • 10 GPED operators: (including at least 5 women’s organizations) selected for the implementation of the GPED tools.
  • 500 people exploiting natural resources (fishermen, oyster farmers, beekeepers, etc.)
  • Elected officials and local leaders

The final beneficiaries of the project’s actions will be the populations of the 5 selected territories, the 5 communes or inter-municipal authorities of the Saint-Louis, Thiès, Fatick, Sédhiou and Ziguinchor regions. With an average of 22,000 inhabitants per municipality, a total of 110,000 inhabitants will be affected.

Project duration: 36 months.