Analysis of agroforestry systems in family agroecological production of coffee and cocoa - Projet clôturé

Agroforestry systems with an agroecological approach and ecological schools implemented by AOPEB with the support of SOS Faim (coffee) and Eclosio (cocoa) constitute an alternative to curb the overexploitation processes of the lowlands of the sub-Amazon. This project conducted between NGOs and universities is coordinated by UCLouvain and SOS Faim, actively supported by ULiège and Eclosio, AOPEB, El Ceibo and UMSA.

Analyze and quantify the effects and impacts of agroforestry systems (SAF) in the agroecology production of coffee and cocoa compared to the conventional system: their contributions on family farms in the tropical zones of Bolivia. Based on the results of this systematic analysis with objective and scientifically valid data on the impact and benefits of FAS on family farms, the project also aims to:

  • Build the capacity of producers and their families, especially youth, improving the curriculum for training in green schools promoted from AOPEB and strengthening the technical capacity of the support teams of these producers
  • Provide agro-ecological proponents with key inputs to develop recommendations for model change transition processes and inform policy impact and scaling up strategies.

Duration of the project : July 2018 to December 2019

Financial partners of the project :

  • ARES
  • DGD
  • Eclosio, SOS Faim, UCLouvain

Contact person :
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