ADG and UniverSud-Liège join forces and become Eclosio

ADG and UniverSud-Liège join forces and become Eclosio
  • Belgium
  • Senegal
  • Cambodia
  • Andean region
  • Bolivia
  • Benin

The current context is pushing to pool forces. Indeed, in order to be able to respond to the greatest challenges facing our planet (global warming, natural disasters, deadly conflicts, imbalance in the distribution of wealth, etc.), it is important for associations to pool their experience and expertise.

This is why two structures, Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG) and UniverSud-Liège, have decided to join forces to become the NGO Eclosio

ADG was born within the former Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Gembloux – currently Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. UniverSud-Liège is the result of the desire of professors from the University of Liège to put their skills at the service of development cooperation. In recent decades, the two associations have carried out numerous projects that have enabled them to build up expertise and know-how.

There are many complementarities between UniverSud-Liège and ADG: active on the Liège campus of ULiège, the former has proven experience in raising awareness and educating the university public on the challenges of global citizenship. It has also been active in the South, notably in the DRC and Benin. ADG’s action is based on the same pillars: in Belgium, an awareness-raising and educational action aimed mainly at the university community in Gembloux and the public at five universities. In the South, ADG relies among other things on its experience in agro-ecology to help farming families face their daily challenges in 5 countries around the world.

This proximity to ULiège provides a fertile environment for the implementation of Eclosio’s mission: to encourage a collective commitment from the university community and civil society, to co-construct and use knowledge in a reciprocal relationship with its partners and based on the needs expressed by the populations.

Today, Eclosio was created to become the NGO of the University of Liège. It is both the culmination of a long evolution, but also the beginning of a new adventure full of challenges and projects. Together we will do our utmost to contribute, within our means and skills, to meeting the important challenges facing humanity.