Project methodology

Project methodology…?

Is it easy to develop and implement a project? Let’s think about it…

You have to act in partnership with very different organizations, by improving the life conditions of targeted populations in the long-term, promoting their ownership of the innovations or infrastructure you brought about, using effectively the resources that were granted to you, being part of local institutional strategies, taking into account (or even reducing) gender differentiations, incorporating environmental protection measures, whose benefits are lasting and extend beyond the mere scope of the intervention, which is flexible and adapts to changing contexts, in … all this in a complex and changing context.

The list of quality criteria for a successful international cooperation project is increasing, donors are more and more demanding. Many Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), associations, public institutions, face difficulties when they have to write, implement or report on their projects.

Our expertise:

We design, conduct, monitor, and evaluate our interventions according to Project Cycle Management and Results-Based Management methodologies. We call onto the skills acquired and consolidated internally by organizing training courses as part of our projects: priority is given to reinforcing the capacities of our partners, local organizations and students so that they can play an active role in the development of their territories.

Since 1998, Eclosio has already organized more than 20 professional training courses in Gembloux on project cycle management and results-based management. We rely on our internal expertise but also on an important network of relays and partners, within the Belgian agricultural world, the NGO sector and also the academic community, in all the countries in which we intervene.

We regularly organize two types of methodological training courses gathering around 15 South-based professionals, giving rise to the award of academic certificates (10 ECTS):

  • Methodological training course for the development of projects supporting innovation in family farming.
  • Methodological training courses for the development of projects related to the adaptation of climate change or the reduction of its effects.

Moreover, Eclosio is regularly called upon to provide services on the topic of “Project Methodology” by other players in the sector, both in the North and the South.

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