Multi-stakeholder cooperation

What is the multi-stakeholder cooperation?

Eclosio don’t conceive its action without a multi-stakeholder cooperation. In all of its processes and projects, cooperation is essential between the stakeholders concerned by specific context and/or issue. It enables them to establish temporary or permanent connections through shared goals that go beyond individual or sector-specific interests without refuting or canceling them.

With that in mind, Eclosio finds itself at the junction of civil society, local expertise and the academic community. It promotes and facilitates synergies between these stakeholders and other entities such as from the public and entrepreneurial sectors. More specifically, these synergies aim at building complete and shared visions of development with each stakeholder’s contribution; it aim at working on an agenda for structural changes, ensuring inclusive and sustainable development and effectively influencing public policies.

The multi-stakeholder cooperation offers a framework and methodology favoring the emergence, the co-building, and the consolidation of new knowledge from their respective knowledge. Thus, Eclosio promotes collective learning, with stakeholders agreeing to build up new knowledge through experience, the will to exchange, and through trial-error processes.

Did you know?

Eclosio’s actions are mobilizing different academic expertise to fulfill the needs and priorities of its target beneficiaries.

In some cases, it is necessary to establish collective action as an institution to create a more permanent coordination mechanism, in order to maintain a long-term coordination between stakeholders. The dynamics initiated as part of this process are important to reach a significant impact on the socio-economic and political environment in order to promote and defend food sovereignty of Eclosio’s targeted farming families; to support their initiatives, or to endorse policies favorable to food sovereignty, it goes through the establishment of multi-stakeholders institutions that are efficient at creating flexible and operational dialogues and brainstorming.

Our expertise:

Fostering multi-stakeholder cooperation is part of Eclosio’s core business, and is possible through:

  • The implementation of projects or programs bringing various stakeholders together.
  • Fostering and participating to platforms or networks.
  • Fostering cooperation and communication between the various stakeholders, especially academic stakeholders.
  • Fostering partnerships and synergies between the stakeholders of the cooperation by carrying out the Joint Strategic Framework (JSF) in Senegal and in Peru.