We prioritize the activities organized in partnership with the community in order to involve the public in designing the activities. Similarly, we pay particular attention to what our actions include participatory initiatives.

Eclosio organizes many activities aiming to inform the community of the University of Liège and of Liege and Gembloux on global issues.

With our partners, we set up conferences, film-debates, training courses, exhibitions, participatory workshops, publications, meetings with partners from our countries of intervention, educational games, etc.

We also participate in events gathering many other associations: the Attribute of the Tribe in Gembloux, the festival Esperanzah!, the convention of Valerian Bio, and others.

Some examples of projects:

Since 2013, Eclosio and the non-profit organization Ekikrok have co-organized the annual Équi-tables evening. The objective of this evening is to raise the community’s awareness of current food issues and responsible consumption, to meet stakeholders in sustainable food (farmers, agricultural cooperatives, associations …), and to develop avenues for supporting family and peasant farming in Belgium.

In November 2017, there was a participatory conference with Olivier De Schutter explaining the links between climate change and nutrition. The participants were given a dozen multiple-choice questions that they had to answer on colored cards. Mr. De Schutter then gave an explanation for each question.

Volunteers were present at the village of possibilities in Esperanzah! to offer passers-by a migration experience: they were then asked about how it felt to be a foreigner.

Do you have questions or would you like to get involved in creating an activity? Contact heloise.blondeel@eclosio.ong