Developing employment in Senegal (DES)

In Senegal, the isolation and the difficulties of displacement in the rural territories constitute a frequent obstacle to the professional integration and a factor aggravating the rural exodus and the migration. The regions of Tambacounda and Ziguinchor are considered as important areas of the migrant departure, especially of young people, and at the same time urban centers with potential employment and entrepreneurship.

In addition, for migrants returning to Senegal, the difficulties of accessing employment combine with social and community issues.

Employment Development through Training and Integration (DEFI)

The DEFI action is part of the project “Fair Access to Vocational Training” conducted by LuxDev, in partnership with ADG, with funding from the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

It is a matter of setting up or reinforcing devices adapted to various types of public and allowing:

  • to facilitate the transition of vocational and technical training and apprenticeship to sustainable employment for those leaving training. ;
  • to professionalize the assets of the food production and processing sector, a buoyant sector within the territory of intervention. ;
  • to accompany returning migrants in integration or social and professional reintegration programs.

Beneficiaries :

  • 1200 young people taking part in collective actions, 750 of whom are oriented towards additional training
  • 300 young people accompanied by their personal project
  • 70 organizations (GIE, GPF, Cooperatives, TPME …) including 700 production or management operators (members, employees, associates …) benefiting from training
  • 250 young migrants returning to follow-up

The intervention proposed by ADG will be based in Tambacounda and Ziguinchor, but will be able to radiate throughout the South and East of Senegal (Kolda, Sedhiou, Kedougou)

Project duration : 39 months: June 2017- September 2020

Total budget of the project : 1.000.000 €

Accompaniment of young people to employment in southern Senegal (AJESUD)

The AjeSud project aims to promote the employment and professional integration of young people in migrant departure areas through better access to financial and non-financial resources.

AjeSud is part of the “Developing Employment in Senegal” (DES) program and complements the ACEFOP (“Equitable Access to Vocational Training”) component (Specific Objective 2 of the DES program), which aims to facilitate access of young people to vocational training, but also the component aimed at strengthening the fabric of local businesses (Specific Objective 1 of the DES program). Based on a framework of consultation between the actors concerned (ACEFOP partners, SAE organizations and financial service providers), AjeSud’s objective is to reinforce the synergies between actors and to offer financial and non-financial support systems adapted to young auto-entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).


The Action plans to target self-employed entrepreneurs from 15 to 35 years of age who benefit from professional training in the framework of SO2 and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), which includes GIEs and cooperatives, accompanied and upgraded under the OS1 of DES. (Source:

Intervention zone :

Regions of Ziguinchor, Sedhiou, Kolda, Kedougou and Tambacounda

Project duration : 24 months –  January 2018 to December 2020

Total budget of the project : € 2,162,500