Empowering women through cowpea processing (AFTRAN)

The AFTRAN project, aims at empowering women of the COOPAKEL (Rural Co-operative of Kélle Guéye – Louga) members of the RESOPP, in the transformation of cowpea through reinforcement around a market-oriented and affordable pilot economic unit supported by women. This pilot project targets 10 women processors, members of the feminine dynamics of the cooperative. AFTRAN will be implemented on the site of the central branch of the cooperative. The action will enable the marketing of a quality product and the improvement of the nutritional quality of food in rural and urban households by reducing processing constraints. It will train women in the processing of cowpea, equip them with processing equipment, give them unit management tools and help them market their products locally.

Beneficiaries : 10 women of the COOPAKEL Women’s Dynamics

Intervention zone : Louga

Project duration: 12 months