Women's Action for Nutrition (AFNut)

Fighting food and nutrition insecurity is one of the priorities of public policies in Senegal. The prevalence of malnutrition, maternal mortality and poverty remain very high, particularly among rural populations dependent on subsistence agriculture. In the Kedougou region, other specific causes reinforce food insecurity: the low knowledge level of households regarding nutrition and hygiene, the poor sanitary quality of the drinking water, the low level of valorization of local products, the increasing degradation of the environment and, finally, the effects of climate change on local production.

Our action

The project Feminine Action for Nutrition (AFNut) is built around a women empowerment action, major actors of the development of rural communities, to promote their full participation in the mitigation of food and nutritional crises. For this, it is planned:

  • to improve the knowledge and practices of women in vulnerable rural households with regard to food, nutrition and hygiene and the appropriation of good practices;
  • to direct household consumption towards diversified and nutritious foodstuffs;
  • to capitalize on the experience of the project to encourage changes in nutritional practices within families, with the support of community organizations and local and national authorities

Intervention areas:

3 Communes (Kedougou, Tomborokonto and Saraya) of the Kedougou Region in South East Senegal

Project duration: 36 months: February 2016 – February 2019

Total budget of the project:
678,270 euros, of which 508,700.74 euros are financed by the European Union

Beneficiaries of the project:
60 villages, 3,000 mothers, 300 resource women, 500 producers or processors, 75% of whom are women

The final beneficiaries of the action are the 100,000 inhabitants of the departments of Kédougou and Saraya