Facts and figures about Eclosio

703 441: Eclosio directly supports more than 700,000 people all around the world.

76: Eclosio is working in close collaboration with 76local partners.

23: projects in 6 countries (Senegal, Benin, Cambodia, Peru, Bolivia and Belgium).

79: a team of 79 employees, including 62 national employees.

89% of the resources are allocated to development projects, that is to say a budget of €3,358,427 (2018 figures).

52: volunteers and interns support Eclosio’s actions in Belgium.

3 500 people took part in Global Citizenship Education activities in Belgium in 2018.

192 people participated in the 11 training courses offered by Eclosio’s staff in Belgium in 2018.

10: thanks to the support of our institutional lessors, each euro collected allows us to raise up to €10 for our actions.

2018 balance sheet of Eclosio and UniverSud-Liège

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