Make a donation

Do you want to participate in the Eclosio adventure and contribute to the making of our projects? Thanks to your donation, you help us support vulnerable families and the organizations that represent them in Senegal, Benin, Cambodia, Peru and Bolivia. You also support the civic education actions we organize in Liège and Gembloux.

You can :

  • Make a one-time donation: by making a payment to the account BE04 5230 8027 2831 – BIC TRIOBEBB
  • Make a re-occurring donation: by filling out the attached form and sending it to your bank branch, or via your online bank. You choose the amount and frequency of your donation yourself. A re-occurring donation prevents you from manually managing each transaction, and allows us to better plan our actions and financing.

For any donation from 40 €, you will receive a tax certificate that will allow you to deduct nearly 45% of your donation. Your donation of 40 € does not really cost you more than 22 €!

How do we use your donations?

Out of 100 € of donations, 89 € are directly used in our projects. The remaining 11 € is used to support project management, mainly from headquarters (accounting, secretarial, coordination, communication and fundraising costs, and operating costs).

Our accounts are regularly audited and approved annually by a company auditor.